10 laws that Every Indian Citizen should be Aware of

Laws are a very important part of every society. Without proper laws in place, a society is bound to collapse. It’s empowering to know your rights and to be aware of your laws. So here are 10 laws that you should be aware of as Indian citizens:

1) Cylinder Explosions: Many of us are unaware of law that if anyone loses life or property due to explosion of domestic LPG cylinder the consumer is entitled to receive up to 40 lakh rupees.

2) Women Arrests: Only women officers can arrest and usher women to police stations. Also women cannot be arrested after sunset or before sunrise even by lady officers. The timing of arrest for women is 6 am to 6 pm. In scenario of serious crimes the written permission of a magistrate is needed to arrest a woman by male officers.

3)  Women Complaints: Guidelines issued by the Delhi police give privilege to women to file complaints online via email or posts if they can’t come to the stations.

4)  MRPs : You don’t always have to pay same as MRPs. MRP means maximum retail price, which you can bargain with retailers but the seller cannot go over MRP.

5) Public Display of Affection (PDA): PDA within limits is ok but anything extreme which can be called obscene can get you up to three months in jail. The word obscene is not properly defined so couples are often hassled by police.

6) Traffic Constables: Traffic constables have limited persecution power. Even the head constable cannot fine you for an offence that right now has the penalty over 100 rupees. But violation of multiple rules can result in challan of higher value.

7) Fines on the Same Day: If you are not wearing helmet and you were pulled up and fined then they cannot fine you again for the same offence on the same day. The challan slip can get you out of being fined till midnight of the day.

8) The Limitation Act: If someone who owes you money hasn’t paid you, don’t delay in filing a police complaint because after three years your suit possibly will get dismissed in court. 

9) Adoption: If you have a son you cannot adopt another and same goes for daughters. The age gap between the child and adopter should be a minimum of 21 years.

10) Adultery: A women cannot be charged for adultery. A married man committing adultery with unmarried women cannot be charged for adultery either. 

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