10 Tips to Prepare yourself while Leaving your Kid at a Daycare Centre

Children are a very important part of our lives. Earlier, women used to stay at home and men used to work but our society has evolved over the years and these days an increasing number of women are also sharing their households’ financial responsibility along with the menfolk. For them daycare centers are a big help, especially for women in nuclear families. But it’s extremely difficult to leave your child here or trust just anyone. So here are some tips to help you.

1) Get to know the staff: It’s important to find a reliable daycare that you can trust; otherwise, it will be difficult for you to completely focus on work. Talk to the staff of daycare centre and the other parents well and ask the right questions until you are satisfied enough to leave your child there.

2) Daycare location: Choose a daycare service that is close to your workplace, so that you can get there quickly, in case of an emergency.

3) Activities: Make sure there are resourceful activities and toys for your children to learn and be creative at the daycare.

4) Breastfeeding: You must get the baby slowly accustomed to taking their daily feed from a sipper or a bottle once it is appropriate to do so. It’s always good to consult your pediatrician regarding your child’s diet before making any decision.

5) Try to plan work: If you can, try to start with part time job at first. It will be beneficial physically and emotionally not just for you but also for your child.

6) Backup plan: Try to make contingency plans for times when your centre would be shut for some holiday which does not coincide with your schedule. 

7) Prepare children’s bag: Prepare your child’s bag with diapers, bottle, extra clothes, familiar blanket and toys etc. the previous night itself before so you will be less stressed in the morning. 

8) Establish routine: Try to establish a sleep pattern for yourself and your kid. It’s hard to do that but you must try to master it as it will help you go to work on time and your child to adjust to daycare centre schedules.

9) Emotional stress: If you feel guilty or miss your child terribly at first try to bring their photos to keep at your office desk.

10) Ease your child into it: It’s important for you to ease your children into getting used to daycare otherwise you won’t be at peace. Give them enough time to get familiar with their care taker so that they feel comfortable and safe.

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