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10 Tips to Prepare yourself while Leaving your Kid at a Daycare Centre

As a working woman, leaving your kid at a day care centre is one of the most emotional decisions in your life. You are caught in a web of emotional turmoil as you fight hard to ward off the guilt that creeps into your mind about not being able to spend time with your kid. You would want the day care centre to be your child’s second home, wouldn’t you? So, here are some tips that will help you prepare well for this emotional journey.

Spend Time Together

Choose a daycare centre that allows you to spend time together with your kid for a few days at least. This will give you and your kid the much-needed assurance.

Sport a Smile

Remember to sport a smile and be happy/confident when you drop off your kid at the daycare centre. Having a confused and fearful expression can be quite traumatic for the kid.

Communicate with the Child

Let your child know of the food habits and other schedules of the daycare centre so that he/she isn’t nervous. Educate them about what is normal in daycare so that they can report abnormal incidents to you if any.

Be Firm but Soft

Yes, your kids are bound to cry when you are about to leave them in daycare. However, it is your responsibility to smile and tell them firmly that you will be back in a few hours and that they will feel loved and cared for in the daycare. This will make them less dependent on you.

Make your Kids Feel Special

When you pick up your kid every day from the daycare centre, make it as filmy as possible. Rush to them and give them a tight hug when you pick them up. Shower them with kisses to tell them how much you missed them and how happy you are to get back to them again. This will make the whole day care-visit a worthwhile experience for the kid every day.

Don’t Rush into Things

Leaving your kid at the daycare for the first time? It will be prudent for you if you start with leaving your kids for there for a couple of hours the first week before gradually increasing the schedule to three or more hours. This way, your kids get more time to get accustomed to the lifestyle at the daycare.

Distraction Works Best

When it is hard to leave a crying baby, you can immediately ease the situation by distracting it. Kids are easily diverted; so, you can point to a toy or something colourful in the daycare centre. While your child gets immersed in it, say a polite goodbye and leave.

Coordinating Schedules

Know about the daycare schedules (napping, snack-time, play-time, etc.) and follow the same at home, so that it helps the kid to follow a system.

Pack Properly

If you don’t want your kid to feel lonely at the daycare, pack his favourite toy or towel or anything else in his bag. When he looks at it, he will feel relaxed and at home.

Healthy Communication

Every evening, have a healthy communication with your child about what he/she wants to do the next day at the daycare. Talk with excitement about the activities that are available so that your kid looks forward to going to the daycare the next day.

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