Fashion Blunders

5 Fashion Blunders those Women should stay away from Committing

Fashion is not only about clothes but also about the inner confidence that you project and the way you carry it. When you are confident and depict a positive and constructive image you automatically look more attractive and poised regardless of the clothes you are wearing .The important part to understand is that there are no hard rules of fashion. Fashion changes constantly. Fashion is furthermore subjective and some clothes that suit you won’t suit the next person. But there are some things that are considered as fashion blunders.

Those are:

1) Appearing dirty: Always appear clean and professional. Keep your nails uniformly cut and clean. Very long nails, unclean nails or uneven nails are one of the major turn offs. Keep your socks and shoes clean. Polish your shoes regularly and keep mucky shoes away because shoes are big part of your outfit.

2)  Wearing clothes that do not fit: Why buy something that does not fit you?  Too small or too big-sized clothes are major fashion blunders. Just because you squeezed into a tiny dress after much effort doesn’t mean it will look good on you. Getting into clothes that are smaller than your size can make you look lumpy. Wearing jeans or skirts that are too tight or snug at the waist area will squeeze your flesh and will make even the skinniest women bulgy.

So avoid wearing small size jeans or skirts. Wear your own size; it will be comfortable as well as attractive and elegant. 

3) Wearing mismatched clothes: Plan before you wear or even before you buy. If you start buying random clothes and accessories just because you like them, you will end up with many random clothes that don’t go together and you would have nothing to wear. Think, plan, buy and wear your clothes with confidence.

4) Picking bad patterns: Do not go overboard on a fabric or a pattern. Denim on denim, floral on floral, etc. is a big no-no! Throwing random patterns that don’t go together is not good either. Flaunt a pattern either on top or bottom, not both.

5) Choosing the wrong undergarments: Wrong undergarments can ruin your outfit. Wear strapless bras in sleeveless dresses and pick right colors under thinner fabrics. Wear the right size that will support you well because that’s the primary function of undergarments.

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