Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business

It was like any other weekend evening. I was at my favorite pub, down a few beers. A loud music was going on and the crowd was a bit louder than usual. I didn’t mind. I was alone as usual and the noise helped me get over the stress at work. I was about to order another beer when I felt a hand on my shoulder.  A beautiful girl sat right in front of me. As I sat puzzled, she started talking.

“Do not stress yourself. You do not know me” she winked at me. I gulped.

“I wonder why.”

“Let’s just say that today is your lucky day” she smiled coquettishly.

I returned a smile. “So how lucky am I?” I tested the waters.

 “I have a place. We can walk.”

In about five minutes we were inside a clean and quiet building.

“Please make yourself comfortable. I’ll be just a moment”, she said.

Seeing Shirley leave for the bathroom, I got out of my shoes, discarded my jacket, and slumped onto the plush couch. I was full of anticipation.

“Did I leave you alone too long?” Shirley’s voice interrupted my train of thoughts.

“N…no! I… I just trailed off” I mumbled, recovering from my reverie.

Whoa! Shirley had changed into a fine turquoise satin robe that revealed her sexy features.

“Shall we?” Her voice seemed to be distant as I was still in a trance.

“Y…yes!” I mumbled once again. Before I knew it, I was lying naked in front, already feeling like a wanton, ready for anything that Shirley wanted to do. Her deft fingers started massaging my cock. And boy! She knew how to make a man go weak in his knees.

Shirley took another step forward, facing me directly and unfastened her robes, revealing a near-perfect figure with boobs that I could die for.

“Come.” Shirley turned and padded off. I followed her to her candle-lit, aroma-filled bathroom without any hesitation at all. Pointing to nice cozy massage table, she went off to the cabinet to fetch some bottles of oil. I climbed up and lay down.

Soon, I felt warm oil running down the middle of my back and then it all began. Beginning at the nape of my neck, her hands ran all the way down to my shoulder blades.

She poured out more oil and she began working her way south, massaging my back, lower back and then my ass. The feeling of her soft, warm, and oily hands on my skin was arousing beyond imagination. I couldn’t keep myself from moaning as the experience  was delightfully sensuous.

“Face up dear.” She commanded. I turned and she began massaging my legs once more. Pouring generous amounts of oil into her palms, her moved further up my thighs and I naturally parted my legs slightly to allow her find every inch on skin on my wanton body. She smiled. And before I knew, she grabbed hold of my shaft and began massaging it. Whoa! Her firm grip aroused every nerve on my body and my muscles automatically tightened.

“Hey! Relax.” She breathed, feeling me tightening under her fingers.

“S..sorry! it was just so sudden.” She winked. I let go, my body reveling in the sensual and arousing massage.

Shirley kept me at the edge, but didn’t make me come, making it all the more pleasurable. Shirley had been at her wonderful massage job for only an hour, but it seemed liked forever for me. With a promise to complete the job next time, I took leave from her with a smile.

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