After a Long Wait

After a Long Wait

Ashley has been my personal assistant for nearly three months now and not a single day had passed when I didn’t think of fucking her. She was 23, lean and shapely with assets that any man would lust for. I would have loved to have her over my desk every day, but she seemed to be the no-nonsense type of girl who would bring down the floor at the slightest hint. Each time I saw her bulging boobs and ample booties, I badly wanted to fuck her hard. I did have a hard time holding myself back. Who knew I was going to get lucky so soon?

It was just before Christmas. With the upcoming holidays, there was a lot of work to be done. Everyone was busy completing their last minute files so that there were no arrears before the holidays. It was a Thursday and we were working well past the usual closing hours. Some people had already left, and others were summing up things. I still had a few more reports to go through and Ashley had to distribute them before we could call quits. It was nearly 8:30 when everything was done. I was exhausted.

“Sir, I am done with everything. I have logged and distributed the reports and will let you know when I get the feedback. Is there anything else that you want me to do?” she asked, sharp and no-nonsensical as ever.

“No, Ashley! You have done a great job today. I am really pleased.” I replied very politely and professionally.

“I like to please you Sir.” Ashley replied with a smile, a smile that was different from the courteous ones that I usually get. Was it a hint at something? After all this time would I really get what I wanted so badly? I was confused. So I didn’t say anything directly. I thought I would play it a little and see if I was correct.

“Oh you do, Ashley. You are a great P.A. and I am glad to have you working with me.” I smiled.

“You know Sir, I can please you in other ways too”, she said coquettishly. There it was; the very thing that I had ever wanted to hear.

“R…really?” I fumbled. “You would do that for me?”

“Yes sir. Try me.”

Her words were like aphrodisiac for me. Desire ran raw through me. My carnal self was aroused and I was ready, ready to have Ashley for the first time ever. I walked up to the door and bolted it shut. I turned towards her.

“I must admit Ashley that I have always wanted to have you. Since the moment you stepped into my cabin, there hasn’t been a day I didn’t think of you. But I didn’t know if you were up for it or not. So… I didn’t make a move.”

“I know Sir,” she gave a lop-sided grin.

I moved closer to her, slid my hand along her thin waist and tugged her towards me. Her boobs pressed against my body. With another hand, I undid the first two buttons of her shirt. A fine sight it was! Her plump breasts peeked out from the covers of her tight bra. I grabbed one with my free hand and squeezed it.

“Ah! Sir.” I squeezed again. Ashley bit her lips.

I hurriedly unbuttoned her shirt and tugged it to free it from her pant. Discarding it, I looked at the perfect 38D’s in front of me. My fingers explored her deep cleavage and enjoyed the touch of the soft skin beneath. Enough of it! I undid her bra hooks and let it slid, revealing the beauties that she had.

“Mmmm…” I moaned, licking and suckling her titties.  “I could taste you all night.”

“Yessss… sir.” Ashley said, already lost to the rhythm of my tongue. I pulled at her nipple.

“Ah! Please have me Sir.” Ashley sounded like in a trance.

Emboldened, I undid the buttons of her pants, and pulled it down, followed by her lacy panties.

“Turn around.” I ordered. Ashley was quick to obey.

“You have no idea how desperately I have wanted to have you over my desk Ashley. Bend over baby.”

Like a good girl, she bent over the table, swaying her ample ass. I unzipped and stepped closer. Parting her legs with mine, I rubbed my dick against her butt cheeks.

“I am going to fuck you hard Ashley. You have made me wait too long.”

“Yes, Sir” was all that she could say before I rammed into her.

“Ah! Please. That hurt.”

I paid no heed. I rammed into her again, and again stretching her hole, filling her deep so that she cried out every time I was inside her. With each thrust I could feel pleasure filling up my mind and body. Fucking her tight hole was the best pleasure that I have had in months and I was going to enjoy it till the end. My hips gyrated as I thrust myself insider her again.

“Please… please gentle.”Ashley begged between her cries of pain and pleasure.

“Enjoy it baby. Tomorrow when you feel sore, you will remember the good time that we had.” And I filled her in once more as I felt my breaths becoming torturous. It was like there was no tomorrow. I kept filling her deeper and harder till I could feel her body quivering. With all the strength I had, I rammed in. She let out a loud cry and let go, taking me with her, climaxing together.

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