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Innovative Recipes that will give your Food a Completely New Twist

Food is big part of any culture. Every country has its own traditional tastes and dishes which separate them from other countries. India is one such country with rich flavors and a wide range of food. But eating the same type of food in daily life can become boring and mundane. Experimenting with dishes and recipes while adding new flavors to it can bring the much- needed freshness to your daily food and help you broaden your experience as well as taste buds. So here are some traditional recipes with an innovative twist to it.

1) Thai Biryani: Chicken biryani with a Thai twist of red curry paste! Biryani is a very popular and widespread Indian dish. There are already many innovations from the different regions introduced to it. Adding the special red curry paste of Thailand will add an international flavor to your already tasty and traditional chicken biryani.

2)  Kiwi Fruit Samosa: Samosas are one of the most popular snacks of our country. It is mostly the found with a potato filling across the country. It is also considered as a savory snack. But by adding a Kiwi fruit as a filling, you innovate the dish and turn it into healthy sweet dish. Kiwi is a zesty fruit with lots of vitamin c, minerals, antioxidants, etc. You can add cinnamon, dry fruits and brown sugar to balance the flavors.

3) Baked Chocolate Gujiya: Gugiya is a mostly a traditional Rajasthani sweet dish made during the Holi festival. It is normally made from mawa, suji and dry fruit wrapped in a deep fried pastry. Adding chocolate and baking the pastry (instead of frying it) will not only give a new twist to your traditional dish but will also make it healthier than before.

4) Shahi Dahi Vada: Dahi vada is a common and tasty side dish of India. It is a savory dish loved by all age groups. It is normally made of urad dal and yogurt. With the twist of dry fruit and khoya you can reinvent this dish. Just fill the vadas with the paste of dry fruit and khoya and you will get a dish that is quite tasty and flavorful.

5) Stuffed Idli: Idli is a popular south Indian dish which is widespread all over India. It is normally served with lentils soup called sambhar and coconut chutney. The twist can be given by stuffing idlis with potatoes and different kind of cooked veggies. Idlis look completely innovative when they become idli sandwiches.

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