Top Apps for Everyday Routine

Top Apps for Everyday Routine

This is an era of sophisticated technology and high speed connectivity. Each year witnesses the launch of new apps that make our life easier. Some of the top apps worth having a look are as follows.

1) Office Mobile: Microsoft office suite is an extremely productive app that is popular with millions of smart phone users across different platforms. The bundle of software apps that come with the Microsoft mobile suite allows users to create, edit, organize and manage documents on the go.

2) Airdroid: It is an android app that gives you the ability to control your device from multiple web browsers. It works seamlessly with your personal Wi-Fi network as long as the PC and the phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

3) WhatsApp: Essentially WhatsApp started off as a messaging app. However, the developers started adding new features gradually such as group chats, voice calls, video calls, conference calls, document sharing and gifs as well as emoticons.

4) Pocket: When you are browsing the internet and come across a fascinating article that you are interested in reading however you don’t have time to read currently, you can use this app. It helps you to save that particular article so that you can read it later when you have time.

5) The Score: This sports app helps you to keep track of the scores and events of your favorite sport effortlessly. You can customize the feed and notifications as per your personal requirements.

6) Google Drive: It is one of the best cloud storage apps to help you deal with your storage requirements. You can store your files, documents, pictures and music on the cloud while being able to sync them across multiple devices.

7) Walnut: This app helps you to manage money while keeping a track of your expenditure as well as savings. It is a great app to help you organize your finances and remind you of your monthly payments.

8) Instagram: Instagram is one of the most popular photo- sharing social media app that offers multiple functionalities such as photos, videos, filters and stories to help you broaden your creative experiences.

9) Evernote: This app helps you to take notes and organize them in a synchronized manner as well as sync them across multiple platforms.

10) Google maps: This popular app from Google helps you find directions in any place of the world as well as get real time updates regarding traffic and expected time to reach your destination. 

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