The Best Dessert

The Best Dessert

We were having a lovely Saturday evening. Beth had decided to have a night in and I couldn’t be happier. I loved spending time with my wife at home, cuddling each other, watching something cool, having some great sex, some tasty food, followed by my favorite dessert – my wife. Mmmm! She tasted mighty fine. Beth was in my lap, laughing at some stupid joke that I had cracked and finishing up her third round of beers. She smelt heavenly. I breathed in her scent.

“Why are you silent, Jake?” she asked, putting some salty nuts in her mouth. “Anything wrong?”

“No dear, you smell great today.” I smiled.

“I know!” she said rolling her eyes. “I taste great too!” she winked.

“Of course darling, you are my favorite dessert. But I am hungry dear, hungry for real food!” I said teasing her.

“Really?” she asked, sounding hurt. She was taunting me I knew.

“Yes dear. Would you mind making me something?” I asked, pretending to be really intent on having food.

“Fine” She got up from my lap, and marched to the kitchen. I had a laugh to myself. I finished my beer, cleaned off the area, and silently tip-toed towards the kitchen. I heard the ping of the microwave and saw a bowl of mac and cheese being taken out. I did like it, but I wasn’t quite hungry. I closed up to my wife.

“Oh! You are here. Here’s your mac and cheese.” she said, still sounding hurt.

“Mmm… It smells nice dear.” I took the bowl and walked up to the counter, pretending that I was going to eat it. I felt her staring angrily at me. I acted very innocent. I sat on the stool and was about to take a bite, when I saw her stomping out of the kitchen.

I got down and followed her. “What happened dear?” I asked as innocently as I could. She gave me a stare and said nothing.

“O come on! Tell me. My food’s going cold.” I teased her further.

This time she looked furious. “Nothing. Just go and eat!”

I smiled. I walked up to her. She looked away. I leaned forward and kissed her just behind her ear.

“Go away!” She tried to push me away. I didn’t flinch a bit. My fingers skirting the nape of her neck, I moved closer and kissed her lips.

“I do not want any of this”, she said in a hurt voice.

But that didn’t stop me. I kissed her more passionately and thrust my tongue into her mouth. Her protests melted away as her tongue entwined with mine, exploring each other’s mouth like it was the first time ever. Teeth scraped against each other, hungry and greedy. She moaned and broke free, gasping for air.

“Sorry dear, I still love to have you more than anything else.”

“Have me then!” She was eager.

“Always in a hurry!” I admonished.


“Okay! Okay! Let’s start by getting you out of your clothes.”

I deftly unbuttoned her shirt buttons, and slipped it over her shoulders. Her bra followed, and she was there before me in just her white panties. Nestling between her legs, I kissed her again, on her lips, her chin, her neck, and followed the trail down south. Beth let out a small moan. She was eager for it, too eager.

I let me tongue lick circles around her belly button.

“Mmm!” she moaned again.

I tugged at her panties and lifted her butt up to allow it to slide smoothly till it was discarded at her feet. My tongue traveled further down very slowly, enjoying the taste of her soft skin.

“So, what have we got here?” I asked, breathing against her skin.

“Your dessert is ready dear.” She quipped.

“Really? Let’s see how it is!” And I planted a soft kiss of her supple pussy cheeks.

“Mmm… soft!” Beth let out a small laugh.

“Let’s see how it tastes.” And I licked her cheeks, once, twice and then more, up and down and in circles. Beth kept moaning. I parted her cheeks ever so slightly and found her pink clit peeking out.

“There it is!” And I licked it.

“Ah!” Beth’s moan was louder this time. And I licked it again, in circles.

“Oh! Oh please!”

“Yes dear, it tastes good, really good. I am going to have some more of it.” And I kept licking, her cheeks, and her clit. She was already wet from the juices flowing, and I licked it up all, making her moan again and again, louder each time my tongue touched her skin. She squirmed and struggled, but I didn’t stop. I parted her cheeks some more and my tongue went deeper in. It licked around her hole and penetrated it. Beth could hardly control herself.

“Jake please! No more!” she kept saying.

“Baby! You are the best dessert I have ever had. Come for me baby!” My tongue flicked at her clit.


“That’s right baby. Come for me.” And I suckled her clit once more. This time, I felt her quickening. I let my tongue circle her clit once more and Beth came like a train, her body pulsating, vibrating and reverberating from the shocks of her orgasm.

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