The Pleasure She Never Got

The Pleasure She Never Got

Amanda has been a great sub to me. For the past six months that she has been with me, she has proved that she is indeed the best sub I have ever had. She is playful and mischievous by nature, but she never fails to surprise me as a subordinate. But even the best make mistakes, I guess. It was a Friday evening and I had earlier called up to let Amanda know that I would be late home. She sounded sad, and I was too. But work was work and I couldn’t miss the late meeting that was forced upon me. However, things changed at the eleventh hour. Our boss announced that the meeting was postponed and I drove home, excited to give Amanda a surprise. It turned out I was in for a surprise.

As I tiptoed slowly into my bedroom ready to surprise Amanda, I saw her on the bed, half-naked, legs open, a vibrator right where it pleased her the most. Greedy girl, she was having fun herself. Selfishness! That was one thing I couldn’t stand.

“Having fun dear?”, I asked very coolly.

“Sir?” Disbelief laced her voice. “I… I am so sorry. I was missing you and…“ Her voice trailed off.

“And you were selfish enough to please yourself? Alone?” My voice was still cool.

“No Sir. I am really sorry. I was thinking about you and I… I got carried away”, her voice trembled.

“Hmm…” I left the room and went for a shower.

When I returned, I saw Amanda on the floor, sitting on her knees, face down. One look at her and I could tell that she was ready for the punishment for her actions. Not bad! I, indeed, had a good sub.

“You know that you ought to be punished”, I said, slipping into my shorts.

“Yes Sir.” She was contrite.   

“So what do we do with you, you greedy girl?”

“Whatever pleases you Sir.”

Damn that girl! She always knew just what I would want to hear. But this time, it wasn’t just enough to please me.

“Let’s get you naked and on my bed.” Amanda quickly got out of her skimpy tees and skirt and laid down, a fine sight that always turned me on. I got out two pairs of handcuffs and a blindfold. Tying her hands tightly to the bedpost, I slipped on the silk blindfold.

“Are you ready dear?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Remember we are doing this because you were disobedient”, I said, biting her lip.

“Yes Sir”, she said, her voice raspy.

I slowly moved south, biting her soft skin. Amanda let out a moan. She was already enjoying it. Nah! That wasn’t going to be.

I picked up the vibrator from the bedstand table, and turned it on.

“Remember we are doing this because you were greedy and selfish,” I said, touching her nipple with the vibrator.

“Ah!” Amanda gasped. The vibrator circled her plump breasts, and gradually moved further south. Amanda strained at her handcuffs and moaned. But it wasn’t it all.

I stepped up the vibrator and pressed against her soft pussy.

“Ah! Please,” she begged. I pressed it more. Amanda squirmed. Parting her lips apart, I pressed the vibrator against her clit.

“Oh God! No! Please, please no!” Amanda begged again as she started quickening. I turned off the vibrator.

“W…what?” Her agony was evident.

“This is for my pleasure, not yours, greedy girl.” I said, turning the vibrator on again. Whatever she wanted to say was lost in her moan as the vibrator touched her sensitive nipples again. I made a circle and dropped down to her naval, circling it as her body pulsated.

“Like it, ha?”

“Y…. yes Sir. I am sorry. Please!”

I laughed. Beg on Amanda. I knew she was already there and I withdrew.

“Oh! Please…” she begged as she writhed on the bed, her nerves screaming for release.

“You will be a good girl Amanda?”

“Yes… yes”, her voice was tortured.

“Really? You will never be greedy and selfish?” I asked slipping two fingers into her.

“Ah! Please…. Yes… yes. I promise.”

Hmm… She was all wet and begging. But mercy was not to be given. I pulled my fingers out, just as she was about to come.

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