The Unforgettable Climax

The Unforgettable Climax

“Darling, let’s try something different today,” my husband whispered while his fingers skimmed the edges of my cleavage.

“Okay. Lead the way dear Mr. Husband.” I teased.

“Mocking me wifey? Not the best time darling!” he said in a fake intimidating voice.

“Eh? You don’t frighten me Mr. Husband.” I mocked.

“Hmm… Let’s see!” With that, he scooped me up and flipped me over so that I was on my knees and elbows even before I knew. So he was going to take me anally? What was so different about that? Though I couldn’t say anal was my favorite way to have sex, I have had anal sex several times with my husband. So what was it that my husband wanted to try?

Taking out a silky scarf from the wardrobe, Sam padded towards me.

“Let’s tie you up so that you do not move too much.” He took my hands, tied a simple knot around them, and fastened it to the headpost. It was a tricky position. I could hardly use my elbows to balance my body.

“You look mighty fine like this darling.” Sam said, parting my legs so that he could settle comfortably between my legs. In a moment I felt his fingers against the edges of my butt cheeks. The soft touch was a tantalizing sensation that my body always longed for. Sam moved his fingers up and down so that I could enjoy his touch against my now burning skin more and more. He suddenly stopped, and I was about to urge him to continue when he suddenly smacked my butt, hard.

“Argh!” A loud cry escaped my mouth. Sam spanked me once more making me cry out louder.

“Oh, please. No more!” I gushed.

Sam obliged. He massaged my bums softly to relieve the pain that radiated from deep within. I felt myself relaxing. But the relief was over too soon as Sam parted my butt checks, and planted a wet kiss on my ass hole. It was quite a different feeling. He kissed me again, sending shivers through my body.

“Like it, ha?’” Sam breathed against my asshole.

“Mmm… It feels good.” I breathed.

I felt Sam’s smile against my hot skin. And all of a sudden, he licked a circle around my asshole.


He licked it again. “Sam, please!” I squealed.

He lifted his face up and gave me a questioning look. “Don’t like it, eh?”

“Y…yes. I mean no. Oh! I don’t know Sam.” My thoughts were all scattered.

His face lit me. He wasn’t going to let it go so easy. He parted my butt cheeks again. This time instead of licking around the edges of my asshole, he licked the hole. A sharp sensation arose and ran through me. He stretched the hole further, and let his tongue dig in. It explored the insides of my asshole. The feeling was ethereal. The pangs of sensation were sharp, but I was enjoying it too.

His tongue worked magic, both outside and inside my asshole and I was consumed by pleasure, pleasure that I could neither deny nor bear for too long. I lost track of time. What must have been barely a few minutes felt like ages! Sam was still busy with his ministrations when I suddenly exploded, hard and long, coming like a freight train. All I could remember was Sam untying my hands before my body went limp on his lap. It was one of the best climaxes I ever had!

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