Dare to Visit Alone

Top 10 Places that you shouldn’t Dare to Visit Alone

Holidays are an essential part of our life. It educates us of different cultures and also leaves you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Solo trips are fun because you get to do what you want and get some me- time. But there are some places in the world that you shouldn’t dare to visit alone.

1) Island of the dolls, Mexico:  This Island in Mexico is literally covered by hundreds of wrecked and disoriented dolls. The dolls were put there by the former owner of the island to ward off the ghost of the girl who drowned in the island.

2)  Pripyat, Ukraine: This place is known as the ghost town. More than 45,000 people lived there at one point of time but after a nuclear disaster it was abandoned. Nobody has settled there in past 25 years.

3)  Aokigahara, Japan: Historically this forest is known in Japan mythology as the place of dead. But in recent years it is internationally known as suicide forest because suicide is very prevalent in this forest.

4) Miyakejima, Japan: Miyakejima is a volcanic island in Philippines Sea. It is habituated by people but every person in this town wears a mask due to the active volcanoes and poisonous gas present here.

5) Lome bazaar togo, Africa: Weird things are sold here like bones, skulls, dead animals as well as living animals. Also all things needed for voodoo magic and other such practices are found here. 

6) Sanzhi UFO houses, Taiwan: Sanzhi Pod City is a collection of abandoned and unfinished houses of futuristic architecture. It is known as “ruins of the future”.

7) Sedlec Ossuary: Czech Republic: This place is known as the bone church because the chandeliers and garlands in the rooms are made of human bones and skeletons and they are artistically designed.

8) Underwater City, China: it is called China’s Atlantis. This underwater city was once on the ground and was also the center of politics and economics, but the government needed more hydroelectric power plant and the city was drowned in a man-made lake.   

9) Czestochowa Train Depot, Poland: This train depot looks like a post- apocalyptic scene from a movie. It has been abandoned for years and nobody even knows why.

10) Dadipark, Belgium: This park-cum playground was reinvented to become an amusement park. It closed in 2001 because a child lost an arm and hasn’t been reopened since. The visitors often come to this place to experience the chilling silence this place has to offer.

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